8 Design Ideas for Your Next Exterior Home Renovation

Constructing a wooden patio

Written by My Home Handyman

April 15, 2022

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There’s only one mantra for the exteriors of your home! The more appealing and efficient, the better it is for the return on investment and overall value of your property. The next time you plan to renovate the exterior, it’s important to keep in mind these 8 design considerations that will prove essential in every way possible.

From painting the sidings to upgrading windows, roof, front door colour, textures, outdoor lighting, and updating landscape and driveway – the list is truly endless. So, are you excited to give your exterior home renovation another chance? Well, let’s have a look.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

You must never underestimate the power of paint colour. It has the magic to transform and enhance your space and give it an ultimate unique character. So, once you observe the paint peeling off, it’s time that you choose that perfect exterior colour and apply a fresh coat! There are various finishes like eggshell, satin, or matte that you can choose from. Simultaneously, you must keep in mind the colours for the trims, mouldings, downspouts, and fascia.

A pro tip: Ensure that you choose a paint colour that matches your exterior design style and works seamlessly with the neighbourhood. For instance, you must select darker colours for Victorian style and beachy colours for a Coastal home.

Add a pop of colour

One of the best ways to infuse a sense of visual interest into the exteriors of your home is by simply adding a pop of colour. It could either be on the window and door frames or the entryway door and shutters. A colour like bold blue, mustard, cherry red, or charcoal gray will create focus and drama on the facade. On the other hand, a pastel tone like sage green, blush pink, baby blue, and coral will make it feel more delightful and soothing.

This way, you’re past ahead from an old-school exterior design that the possible buyers or neighbours would love to gaze at and admire.

Add exterior lighting

Lighting is another important functional aspect that can’t be ignored. It always provides a sense of security and safety while making your home look stunning, even during the night. Generally, it’s ideal to use wall sconces, bollard lights, and recessed lights under the soffit for perfect illumination. There’s nothing more warm and charming about the temperature and saturation of light than the warm white lighting.

In a way, you’re also making it easier for the guests to navigate and your home from looking dull, dingy, and welcoming to the thieves.

Upgrade the roof

Sometimes, it’s not all about aesthetics! Especially when it comes to the roof – you simply can’t afford to have an older, leaky one. Not only does it lower the value of the property but it also constrains the sound and insulation. So, depending upon the budget and climate – you can either choose the architectural shingles, seamed metal roof, or tiled roof. Also, keep in mind the overall colour palette and how much you intend to reflect the UV rays.

Don’t forget – this aspect is the foundation of your home. So, the more quality conscious and smart – the better it is, in the long run.

Style with textures and exposed materials

Another way to make the exteriors of your home look flawless and mind-blowing is by simply adding some textures and exposed materials. There’s some beauty and authenticity in the exposed bricks or natural stone on the exteriors of your home – whether on the chimney or that focal wall.

It adds character and makes your home stand out from the lot. Secondly, you can always play with veneers, stucco, cedar-looking shingles, and corrugated metal panels for a clean and updated, stark, and contrasting look!

Update the driveway

The driveway is the first impression of your home. Hence, for the next renovation project, you must remember to stabilize it with the help of permeable driveway pavers or tiles. Depending on the exterior colour palette, you can choose from various colours on these concrete or brick pavers and create a desirable pattern. Believe it or not, these few little upgrades will drastically enhance your home’s curb+ appeal and make it look even more outstanding than you’d ever expect.

For the edge towards the landscape, you can choose to style with bricks and free-standing planters.

Add a porch

Adding a porch to your house will increase its value and function at the same time. Believe it or not – it also fosters a sense of liveliness in the home where you can sit, relax, and chit-chat with the family, even late during the evenings. Whether it’s small or large – this space must be equipped with extra seating and amenities like a fire pit, fan, and storage to enhance its versatility.

If you embrace the feel of indoor-outdoor living, the porches will play a great role. These decks must be equipped with durable and waterproof planks that complement the stain on the adjacent walls.

Enhance the landscaping

Whether or not you have the passion for maintaining the front lawn – it must be functional and aesthetical. Styling with shrubs and plants – and simultaneously trimming the grass regularly is what you must look forward to. Undeniably, a lawn enhances the overall feel of the exteriors while injecting a sense of vibrancy and vividness. They will always make your home look more welcoming and inviting for the guests.

If you like to grow an organic garden someday – well, the opportunity is right here!


Are you excited about that next exterior home renovation project? This is the chance for you to flaunt your style and passion. Yes, make it a home for you – interiors as well as exteriors. So, let these design ideas sink in and make all your guests and neighbours steal a glance.

Ready to refresh your home?

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