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Electricity has come a long way since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1879. Now we use it to power our homes, cellphones, computers and even our cars. As incredible as electricity is, it needs to be treated with respect.  One wrong move and a zap can send someone to the hospital.

Most of our Handymen are experienced in small electrical improvements from changing light switches, fixtures and outlets. We have specialized journeymen electricians for the bigger, more complicated jobs that will properly and safely get the job done.

If you have any electrical projects that need finishing, call us today to schedule a FREE estimate.

If you have any electrical projects that need finishing, call us today to schedule a FREE estimate.

What We Can Do

Ceiling Fan Icon

Ceiling Fan Repair

Has your bathroom fan clunked out? We can replace it, no problem.

Light Bulbs and Smoke Detectors

You can’t see in the dark, get your lightbulbs swapped out today.

Switches & Outlets Icon

Switches & Outlets

Whether a repair is needed or you want to update your house’s look, we’re here to help.

Dimmers Icon

Dimmers, Timers & Motion Detectors

Bright lights during dinner can be a pain. Let us put a dimmer on your switch for some mood lighting.

Light Fixtures Icon

Light Fixtures

Time to update that dated fixture; we come prepared with all the tools and a long ladder.

Pot Lights & Wiring Icon

Pot Lights & Wiring

If you need wiring ran to a new washer and dryer, more pot lights or even upgrade a panel. One of our journeyman electricians will get the job done right.

Miscellaneous Odd Jobs

I hired “Home Handyman” to come in and fix a number of unsightly and annoying issues prior to listing my condo. The contractor was punctual, professional and personable. Most importantly, he was super “handy” and finished re-attaching closet doors and some baseboards as well as doing some minor plumbing and electrical work in an hour.

Angela B. Retiree in Calgary

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