10 Best Design Ideas for Feature Walls

Beautiful living room interior with a large stone fireplace surround

Written by My Home Handyman

April 21, 2022

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Are you looking for a way to add a stunning statement to your home instantly? A design element that conveys your true style and personality and makes your guests go “wow”? Yes, feature walls are the way to it. You don’t have to overwhelm your space by painting everywhere – just a touch on the feature or accent wall will unexpectedly make your area flawless and fabulous.

However, apart from “just” painting an accent wall, there are several other ways to make that wall stand out and look unique. The list is truly endless, from adding murals to wallpapers, floating shelves, wall panelling, exposed brick, and living walls. So, let’s look at how you can creatively spruce up the feature walls and make the most of that vertical dimension!

Consider a Mural

If a solid-hued painted wall is too boring for you, it’s time to consider a lively mural that infuses a touch of your personality into the interiors. And believe it or not, it could be anything! From floral murals to natural landscapes – you can find some striking designs to help exhibit a sense of character in your room.

Simultaneously, remember to throw a splash of hue on this mural wall. A plain-coloured mural wall is going to be too monotonous.

Make it Rustic with Exposed Brick

Exposed brick has an authentic charm to it. Whether you plan to wash the surface with mud or plaster or simply paint it, an exposed brick feature wall will never disappoint you! Instead, it will ideally make your space appear industrial-like and slightly rustic.

Remember to go light for the bricks to produce out for the grout finish. Else, choose a colour like gray that can easily blend in with the current panorama.

Add Shelves

Do you reside in a small apartment and deal with square footage issues? Well, in that case, don’t forget to use the vertical dimension of your room. Yes, it’s all about adding floating shelves to add more space and a flair of style to your home.

However, simple floating shelves can be too dull! And that’s why you could either choose a contrasting material like rustic wood on the shelves or stick wallpaper at the backdrop and let the shelves play a base.

Design a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is beyond a mere design idea! It’s about making your home feel more lively, welcoming, and homely. You can create an out-of-the-box appeal by displaying the family photographs, artworks, postcards, and your much-loved paintings.

Ensure to worship symmetry at each point of the design. Measure and plan out the layout of the photographs and arrange them in a pattern that feels distinctive and eye-catchy!

Wall Paneling

If the idea of paints doesn’t excite you – it’s time to have an eye on wall panelling ideas. This time, not with paints, materials, and photographs but by creating three-dimensional patterns. This is one of the best ways to add a sense of dimension and drama to a space without overwhelming it.

So, you have the option to create geometric patterns, shapes, and various acute and obtuse angles to achieve the utmost uniqueness in your home.

Paint Cute Patterns

Paint doesn’t have to be old-school every time. So, rather than painting a single hue on the entire wall – you can beautifully create patterns with various shades, tints, or tones of the same paint. Note that this is the time you can play really fun and creative – specifically in your kid’s rooms, play areas, and nursery.

And do you know the best part? Well, you can absolutely DIY those intriguing patterns using masking tape and painting in between them.

Make Use of Wallpaper

This is one of the most inexpensive and creative design ideas for your feature wall. And something that you can also DIY at home! So, you have a wide array of styles to choose from when it comes to wallpaper. Whether you like stripes, polka dots, natural landscapes, or quotes – the wallpaper can instantly alter the vibe of your room.

And it doesn’t have to end at the wallpaper. You can further add artworks, floating shelves, and photographs on the wall surface to complete the look.

Create a Living Wall

Do you admire nature and biophilia? If yes, it’s time to make that empty wall a living wall. You can create and hang floating shelves to style your favourite indoor plants, pots, and planters.

This is also one of the best ways to introduce greens indoors and make your home feel refreshing and natural.

Enhance the Wall with Mirrors

Mirrors tend to create a ton of illusions in your room. Yes, they can make it look airier, bigger, and enhanced. However, the idea of one large mirror is out of fashion now – which is why you must add multiple mirrors on the same wall to create a dynamic effect.

You can also play with the frames of these mirrors. Some could be gold-tinted, some matte black, and some chrome finish. Lastly, don’t forget that mirrors also help enhance the room’s feng shui.

Make a Statement with Wood

If you truly want to transform the vibe of your room and make it feel unique, one of the easiest ways is to style the wood on the feature wall. Especially for interior design styles like farmhouse, Japandi, and Mid-Century modern – the wood wall will ultimately play timeless and chic.

You can also create patterns with wooden planks. For instance, chevron, herringbone, and brick-style will never go out of trend!


You see – there are many ways to style and decorate that feature wall. And you can truly go beyond boundaries to spark your personality and style. Budget or no budget, style or no style – these 10 design ideas for feature walls can truly spruce your home and make everyone go “wow”!

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