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TVs, mirrors, chalkboards … You name it, we can install it

You wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a horrible crash! You run downstairs to see that the six hundred dollar mirror you hung yesterday has fallen to the ground. Installation can be dangerous if done incorrectly. With children and guests walking around your home, having items like TVs, paintings and mirrors installed correctly should be a top priority.

My Home Handyman understands how important it is to install these items safely. Our handymen have experience in all types of installations and take extra precautions to ensure a job well done.

Call today for a FREE estimate and have all your installation needs taken care of.

Call today for a FREE estimate and have all your installation needs taken care of.

What We Can Do

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TV Mounting

TVs are heavy and can be a real pain to mount.  Let one of our experienced technicians take care of it for you. 

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White Board and Blackboard

These can be big and awkward, but it is a breeze with our experience.

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Paintings and Mirrors

These items need to be installed with precision and care. We make sure all items are level and properly measured. If extra reinforcements are required, we have the tools and supplies to beef it up.

Our Handyman Ken Did an Awesome Job!

We have a very high stairwell that became a safety concern when one of our cats fell 10ft down. Our Handyman Ken installed a shelf to cover the deepest trench (haha) and now everyone is safe. It was quick and easy and Ken was very friendly 🙂

Daria Sto

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