Top 8 Colours to Paint a Baby’s Nursery

Baby nursery with purple walls

Written by My Home Handyman

March 10, 2022

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Your baby’s room deserves to feel soft, nurturing, comfortable and certainly relaxing. Colour psychology has a significant role to play in it. Generally, darker, loud, and bold hues like red and yellow can negatively impact your baby’s sleep patterns, moods, and mental health. That’s why the colour psychologists recommend a broad spectrum of the various shades of pastels to dramatically transform the spirit of your baby’s nursery and make it more airy, restful, and calm.

You are wondering what colours will best soothe your baby’s space? Well, here’s a list of the top 8 colours to paint your baby’s nursery!

Delightful Pinks

Especially for your baby daughter, soft pink is the number one choice! Not a mainstream pink but a tone of pink that has deep gray undertones – the delightful pinks have utmost charm and calmness. This cozy neutral also has the potential to invite warmth, comfort, and a sense of playfulness into the room. At the same time, this colour will never make you feel bored or tired.

Sherwin Williams Rosy Outlook and Benjamin Moore Strawberry Yogurt are some beautiful shades of pale pink that you can consider for the nursery and kid’s space.

Subdued Blues

On the other hand, blue is an excellent colour recommendation for your baby boy. Especially if it’s a soft and icy tone like sky blue or the subdued version – you must go ahead and apply a fresh coat of this paint on the walls. Generally, this shade of blue is responsible for exhibiting a sense of rejuvenation, relaxation, and calmness. At the same time, it will lower blood pressure and heart rate while cooling the baby’s body and preparing it for sleep.

Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue and Benjamin Moore Beacon Gray is something to watch out for!

Muted Greens

Symbolic of Mother Nature, the muted greens are bound to bring your baby an inch closer to nature. The greens will always reduce anger and allow your kid to concentrate even better, which is deeply associated with health, wellness, and calmness. This colour is even responsible for improving your kid’s reading and writing ability. Also, a great way to introduce nature indoors!

Generally, you can pick from Sherwin Williams Liveable Green and Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe for a perfect sense of hierarchy, balance, and rejuvenation. Believe it or not, you would never regret this paint colour!

Quirky Lavenders

Lavender tends to offer the best of both worlds! A sense of calmness, spirituality, serenity, and softness – and also giving your baby’s nursery a perfect touch of quirkiness and distinctiveness. Just like the feminine pink, this shade of purple also feels quite friendly, welcoming, and content – perfect for your baby to calm down, and relax! Also, great for busy moms.

If a shade of lavender is what you’re looking for in your baby’s room, you must have an eye on Sherwin Williams Unique Gray or Benjamin Moore Lily Lavender!

Serene Teal

Who says teal is not a great option for your kid’s rooms? Well, if you’re confused about whether to choose from blues or greens in your baby’s nursery, teal is a great colour option. With a perfect calming and tranquillizing power, this paint colour will readily transform the vibe of your space and make it more engaging and peaceful with a sense of balance and reassurance. This colour is not really gender-centric, you can choose it for either a boy or girl.

Generally, you can pick from Sherwin Williams Watery or Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal to evoke a beautiful vibe indoors.

Earthy Neutrals

With a perfect, soft, and warm tone – cozy earthy neutrals like soft whites and lighter beiges are known for paving the way to a happy, lively, and homely vibe. They’re generally responsible for calming down the environment while making your baby feel at peace, calm, and composed throughout the day. You must definitely consider it since it’s quite easy on the eyes, especially for a modern and contemporary, monochromatic feel.

Paint colours like Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Benjamin Moore Linen White make great Earthy neutrals colours in your baby’s nursery. You can also choose a blend of taupe, light beige, light tan, and browns!

Nurturing Grays

This calm and soothing colour category is a great timeless and versatile option for your baby’s nursery. If you don’t want to particularly stick to a vibrant dominating hue, the nurturing grays will undeniably create a sense of safety, security, and balance. There are a few kinds of grays to consider -the best is lighter grays, blue-grays, or green-grays. You can best pair these grays with wooden textures (pine and oak).

Sherwin Williams Passive and Benjamin Moore Iced Cube Silver make a great choice for the walls of your baby’s nursery.

Charming Peach

The charming peach is a perfect alternative to pink; the charming peach is an ideal colour choice for the kid’s bedrooms and nursery. With a blend of hidden orange undertone – the tones of peach are comparatively cool, calm, and are bound to make the space feel peaceful and poise. You can add tinges of lemon yellow, lavender, soft whites, and icy blues to complete this soft and feminine palette.

Lastly, if the peach colour in the nursery is your style, try incorporating either Sherwin Williams Spun Sugar or Benjamin Moore Raleigh Peach for a flabbergasting and alleviating experience!

Summing It Up

When picking that perfect colour tone for your baby’s bedroom or nursery, you have to be extra cautious. After all, they’re fragile and they totally deserve a soothing and peaceful experience – unknowingly. So, all you have to ensure is to pick a hue that pleases your eye and senses – and helps the baby lay down to sleep and calm down quickly. The only way to do that is pastels!

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