Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Painter

Living room interior

Written by My Home Handyman

June 23, 2021

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Are you tired of the way your house looks? Or, maybe your workspace is waiting for a long-overdue makeover.

The easiest way to freshen up your workstation or your home is to change the paint colour. The colour of your walls is the foundation for all the other design elements you choose for your home. With a new paint job, any space will look and feel fresh.

If you’re considering painting your home, it may be wise to call in a professional painting services to makeover your space. My Home Handyman can help renovate your home and add a new look and feel to your home. Here are five reasons why hiring a professional painting service is a good idea.

1.  Ensures Quality Painting for Your Home

Professional painters work with special equipment meant for painting houses. You may have an artistic inclination, but you do not paint homes every day. Professional painters do and their experience in this field translates into high-quality work.

Our craftsmen know which areas to tape off for a perfect paint job. We know which paints to use, and we can suggest colours that will suit your bedroom, kitchen, or workspace. If you hire professional painting services, you will save time and frustration and add a clean, polished look to your home.

Painting and decorating with a roller and tray on a set of metal step ladders with cans of paint and a dust sheet in the background

2.  A Quicker Job

If you are trying to repaint a small portion of a wall in your child’s room, you can probably do it on a Sunday with your kid and it can be a fun project.

But imagine trying to redo your entire house. It will take you time that you don’t have. And that is another reason why you should hire professional painting services. Whether you’re looking for some fresh paint on your doors or adding a new coat of paint to the deck and fence, this is the job for these professional craftsmen.

Do you think it will take you a whole week to do the job? Professional painters can do them in two or three days. Why take an extra burden on yourself when you can get efficient work from professionals?

3.  Budget Friendly

Do you think that painting your house or workstation by yourself will help you save money? Not always. Sometimes, professional painting services are not as expensive as you think.

Most professional painting Calgary services have contracts with shops that sell paints and painting tools. They get special discounts for these things because these services are for large corporate businesses.

On the other hand, if you try buying the same materials from your local shops, you might have to spend more than you can afford. So, hiring professional painters can help you stay within your budget and get an excellent, high-quality makeover for your desired space. But, not all painting services in Calgary are always affordable. Before hiring one, always do your research and choose one that best suits your needs.

4.  Professional Painters are Insured

The painting industry in Canada has annual revenues worth more than $12 billion. And work done on your property is insured for your peace of mind. Let’s say that when you are trying to paint your room, you somehow damage the wall. Now, you will have to bear the extra costs. But if you hire a professional painter from Calgary, you do not have to worry.

Most professional painting services in Calgary, like ours, have insurance policies. This means that if something unfortunate happens while painting, we are responsible and will cover all the additional charges.

If the work is unsatisfactory, you can also request a fix without having to pay extra for it. 

5.  Hassle-Free Experience

If you tried painting your room, you know how long it can take and it’s messy. You have to remove all the furniture, and you get paint all over your clothes. You can avoid all of this by hiring professional painters. They know how to paint around the things in your house without causing any damage.

Even if they have to move items from their original space, they will put them back after completing the job. With professional painters, you don’t have to worry about getting paint everywhere.

My Home Handyman is a BBB Accredited Business that offers professional painting services in the Calgary area. We paint cabinets, help with popcorn ceilings, and wallpaper removal, and can give your living space a new and clean look! Contact us today to know more.

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