Top 5 Paint Colours for Your Home

My Home Handyman painter on scaffolding painting room

Written by My Home Handyman

November 23, 2021

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Not ready for a major home renovation yet? Not to worry! A fresh coat of paint is all you need to give your home a great makeover. However, choosing the best paint colour to complement your style and space can be challenging if not overwhelming. With a wide array of colour options, how do you know which one you should really pick?

First and foremost, you must keep in mind the size and scale of your home in addition to your preferred style. From neutrals like beige, off-white, grey, greige, and taupe to bold hues like blue, green, purple, red, and pink – you can be as creative and innovative as you want. However, each hue category comes with baggage. To help keep things simple, here is a list of the five best paint colours for your home.

Sage green

Sage green wall with black floor lamp

Mimicking the beautiful shades of nature, sage greens are an ongoing trend in the interior design industry. They exhibit a cool, revitalizing, and refreshing experience while totally calming. You’re bound to feel stress-free with sage greens after a long hard day. These green tones are infused with grey for a softer, more muted tone.

You can choose to paint all the walls in this colour, especially if it’s lighter sage green. You can also pick an accent wall with sage green and pair it with crisp or creamy whites on adjacent walls. The best complementary hues to pair would be lighter beige, charcoal blue, true or creamy whites, and hints of mustard or gold. Even wooden finishes pair beautifully with the tones of sage green.

To name a few, Sherwin Williams Clary Sage, and Benjamin Moore Spring Bud are notable examples of sage green. If you’re looking for that perfect earthy and organic feel, this category of greens is something to consider.


Dinning room with grey wall

Grey is one of the most versatile and timeless colours to have at home. They are predominantly associated with transitional, modern, modern farmhouse, and contemporary interior design styles. Ranging from lighter to darker tones, shades of grey might have embedded blue, green, pink, purple, or red undertones to give your home a little sense of visual interest without stealing the spotlight.

Some greys are warm and some are cool, and this aspect should definitely be considered within the context of your room. It’s generally best to pair the greys with clean whites, bold blues, mustards, and tints of blacks. This is also a great colour to choose if you want a monochromatic feel in your home. It’s hard to think of a colour that grey does not go with, which makes it easy to combine with existing furniture and decorative items. You’ll never get bored with this colour and it’s a great way to infuse timelessness. 

If you’re considering grey for your home, Sherwin Williams Light French Grey and Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey are great options. You can choose to paint all the walls in lighter greys or a darker grey for accent walls and moldings.

At My Home Handyman, we can help you choose the right paint colour depending on the size and feel of your space.


Beige living and dinning areas

The most diverse and versatile, beige is one of the best colours for your home. It exhibits a warm and welcoming experience while absolutely aligning with the transitional, bohemian, traditional, Farmhouse, Rustic, Scandinavian, and modern interior design styles. When diving deeper into the beiges, it’s a given how some of them are more neutral, whereas some have pink, yellow, orange, and green undertones.

As beige is also one of the most timeless colours, it’s generally best to pair beiges with other classic hues such as darker taupes, browns, bronze, creamy whites, and certain navy blues. These subtle combinations will uplift the character of your home while conveying comfort and warmth.

If you’re looking for a versatile and popular paint colour, you must pick from Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray or Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan.


Small kitchen and living areas painted white

When in doubt, pick a white paint colour for your home. With a very high reflectivity value, whites tend to reflect natural light to make your space appear airier and lighter. This colour is also a great option to create the illusion of a larger space making it a good choice for smaller apartments and lofts.

With whites, you can be as creative and versatile as you want. You can either pick a cool palette with crisp whites and cool blues/greens or a warmer palette with creamy whites and beiges or taupes. However, you have to be careful around the undertones since most of them align with a specific colour tone.

There is a wide array of whites you can work out with. Generally, Sherwin Williams Alabaster (warm-toned white) and Benjamin Moore Simply White (warm-toned white) are great options. White paints are also mandatory for trims, moldings, and ceilings – both interiors as well as exteriors.


Dinning room with dark blue accent wall and decorative accents in neutral colours

You must have an eye for blue paint colours to use them well in your home. There is a wide array of tones to choose from navy blue to baby blue, icy blue, charcoal blue, and teal blue. Since blues can vary in their reflective value, playing around with different tones as accents and bases can work well.

It’s best to pair the blues with whites, lighter beiges, mustards, sakura pinks, and lighter greys. Blue recalls the colour of the ocean and can introduce a calming, relaxing vibe to your home. But with such a large range of tones and values, you can truly play around with bold and neutral colours in your design.

A few blues to look into: Sherwin Williams Stardew and Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray make a great option.

Summing it up

It’s true that choosing a paint colour for your home may seem quite daunting. But if you’re confident about the vibe, feel, and style you’re aiming for, it can be quite a fun and easy task. From greys to whites, greens, blues, and beiges – are you particularly enthralled about a specific hue?

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