The Next Paint Colour to Choose for Your Bathroom Renovation

Modern bathroom grey interior

Written by My Home Handyman

February 15, 2022

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Paint has the power to transform the vibe of a space. Especially when it’s as personal as a bathroom, a fresh coat of paint can truly do wonders! Whether you want a serene, spa-like look or something energetic, vivid, and vibrant, a coat of paint can truly play a major role in finding that desired look. The right shade can enhance and uplift the mood while taking your design aesthetic to the next level.

You must know that paint colour is also associated with a specific interior design style. From farmhouse look to eclectic, glam, modern, and Scandinavian – here’s a list of 8 next paint colours to consider for your bathroom renovation.


The light and pastel shade of blue is the new cool for your bathroom. Since this space is dedicated to making you feel calm and relaxed – it’s essential for a likewise paint colour to play an active role. And when serenity and tranquillity are talked about, we simply can’t hold back from the blues! It creates a brilliant spa-like feel while exhibiting a laid-back and cool vibe.

You can consider a particular shade of blue Sherwin Williams Stardew or Benjamin Moore Silver Mist. These colours can be well complemented with true whites on the cabinets and trims or mouldings.

Creamy white

White bathrooms will never go out of trend. This white paint colour will help exhibit an airy, lively, and homely vibe if you have small space concerns. Generally, creamy whites have either a yellow or red undertone to exhibit a warm and welcoming appeal – which is why it’s highly recommended for smaller apartments and lofts.

You can always pair this creamy white with soft pinks, lighter beiges, and light lavender to create a chic, vintage or feminine look. Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Benjamin Moore Linen White can be considered to create a warm touch!

Cool white

On the other hand, the cool white paint colour is responsible for exhibiting a crisp and chilly vibe in the bathroom. Well, not a bad option for hot and humid areas that constantly crave a cool and calm vibe. Cool whites, in general, possess a deep blue, green, or purple undertone – and that’s why you can consider pairing them with a tone of blue or green to complete the palette.

Wondering what the best cool white paint colours are? Watch out for Sherwin Williams Extra White or Benjamin Moore Super White.

Sage green

This perfect blend of green and gray can blissfully energize your bathroom and create a one-of-a-kind experience. This tranquil colour evokes a sense of nature and induces the perfect touch of comfort and calmness in the bathroom. You can further uplift the vibe by introducing indoor plants to refresh and rejuvenate the space.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Benjamin Moore Van Alen Green are beautiful examples of this green paint colour. You can also introduce an organic vibe by infusing natural and rustic wooden finishes in floating shelves and exposed beams.


Whether you have a minimalist, modern, or contemporary style – the grey in your bathroom will always exhibit a timeless and versatile appeal. It will truly never go out of trend and will always appear clean, dramatic, and crisp. You can mix and merge the white with light or dark gray shades to create a cohesive palette. Greys are comparatively quite easy to deal with.

There is a wide array of greys – from cool, and neutral to warm. So, you can pick from either Sherwin Williams Repose Gray or Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray to achieve the desired appeal.


This superhero colour is a perfect blend of grey and beige to give your bathroom a refreshing, timeless, and rejuvenating vibe. This colour makes a great fit for contemporary, transitional, traditional, and French Country interior design styles. It’s neither too cool nor too warm.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey and Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth are fantastic choices! You can pick a white paint colour with a beige or gray undertone to play a base for happy bathrooms. Try adding a couple of rattan baskets and great indoor plants to invite a transitional vibe.


Beige will always exhibit a timeless appeal, whether it’s a traditional bathroom or a transitional and modern farmhouse. You can pair it with shades of blue and black to create a modern, contemporary, and minimalist look. This warm and creamy colour can infuse a welcoming vibe indoors – a must consideration for the bathroom.

Generally, you can pick from Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige or Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan to achieve a sleek and timeless look. At the same time, you can consider using beige colour on all the walls of your bathroom. (Lighter beige for smaller-sized spaces)


This colour is the upcoming trend in the bathroom design industry. You can blend it with true whites for the mauve to further protrude and feel quirky. Especially if you are looking to add an eclectic and feminine touch to your bathroom – this unique and soft colour will get you there.

Secondly, you can choose from Benjamin Moore Deep Mauve or Sherwin Williams Mauve Finery to create a dreamy bathroom look. Don’t hold back from incorporating gold-tinted pull handles and knobs to introduce a touch of luxury and elegance.

The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. Apart from its original function, this space is bound to speak to your style and personality. One of the best ways to do a bathroom renovation is first to apply a fresh coat of paint. So, are you particularly intrigued by any specific paint colour?

Ready to refresh your home?

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