Designing the Perfect Home Office – 8 Tips

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Written by My Home Handyman

June 14, 2022

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Whether you have a designated space for a home office or simply a corner in the living room or bedroom – you deserve that ‘perfect’ home office you’ve always dreamt of. Your office should reflect your personality. It should be extremely comfortable and welcoming for you – so you can feel motivated, positive, and energetic every morning.

From styling with indoor plants to investing in an ergonomic chair – there are various ways to design the perfect home office space for your home. Trust me, incorporating these ideas will make you want to work more and more efficiently! So, let’s get started.

1. Choose the Best Location

What is the best location? Well, any corner or dedicated space in your home that’s not stuffed in the corner and feels open, lively, and airy. The whole idea is for you to seamlessly move around and feel open-minded. You’re likely to spend a considerable amount of hours in this space – so, ensure that the space is free of distractions and is located in a quiet corner of your home.

You can even consider using the guest room or an extra room in your home. On the other hand, if there’s an unused nook that’s located in a quiet space – make use of it!

A Pro Tip: Choose a location with ample sunlight indoors. Avoid sitting in a dull and dingy space!

2. Paint the Walls

Now that you have the location in mind, it’s ideal to paint the wall in a colour that defines you and your personality. If you want a calmer look, consider the options of sage greens and blue-green paint colours. If you want a bold and dramatic look – don’t hold back from darker teal blues, charcoal greys, and even black paint on the accent wall.

Painting and decorating with a roller and tray on a set of metal step ladders with cans of paint and a dust sheet in the background

If painting isn’t possible, consider a more accessible and renter-friendly option of applying peel-and-stick wallpaper to add character and depth to your space.

3. Consider Ergonomic Furniture

The furniture to choose for your home office is designed to make you feel comfortable. Remember, this isn’t luxury – instead, it’s a necessity for you! Considering that you spend several hours in the home office, for at least 5 days a week, the furniture should be ergonomic for your overall health and well-being.

Knowingly or unknowingly, this furniture will make you feel relaxed, motivated, and productive at work. In the long run, this furniture will pay back in every way possible – money and health-wise.

4. Style with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are human beings’ best friends. Scientifically, they’re known to refresh the indoor air and make it a pleasing and calming atmosphere for you. They will rejuvenate and refresh your home and add a beautiful aesthetic element to the space. Maybe styling an indoor plant on the tabletop or that empty corner will automatically upgrade your home office space and make it feel more lively and happy.

Home entry with bench and circle mirror

Indoor plants such as fig plants, ZZ plants, succulents, and bonsai are something to watch. Since they require little maintenance – you don’t have to worry about watering them now and then.

5. Make Use of Home Accessories

Since you’re working from home, making the space feel homey and lively is important. Don’t make your home office a corporate one! Yes, with the help of meaningful artwork, pretty mugs, quirky notepads and sticky notes, bulletin boards, and a couple of your favourite antiques – you can achieve a ‘stunning’ homely space.

Styling a couple of family photographs wouldn’t be a bad idea either! Lastly, don’t hold back from some artistic pieces of decor that will make your home office feel stark, eye-catchy, and stunning!

6. Use Smart Storage

The year 2022 is all about offering intelligent solutions to your home. And especially when it comes to storage, you must think smart! Whether it’s about space-saving or efficient organization, it’s time that you catch hold of intelligent storage solutions to organize all the office necessities and requirements. Maybe a desk that has hidden storage or a file storage stand to hold all the essential paperwork is what you must look forward to.

You can even style a couple of natural woven baskets to add a flair of style and texture to the room!

7. Eliminate Distractions

One of the significant challenges of working from home is distractions. And they could be anything! From having a television in the home office to an open concept planning where you can easily access who’s doing what in the house, you must eliminate all the distractions. Yes, being caught up in this will unnecessarily end up wasting a couple of hours.

So, choose a quiet corner that’s probably on the upper floor or away from your home’s entryway!

8. Follow the Principles of Feng Shui

Following the principles of feng shui will end up creating a positive and motivated zone. For instance, avoid facing your back toward the entryway door of your home office. This will create a sense of insecurity in your mind. It will also make it easier for someone to peep into your work – without you being aware!

Plan out the home office carefully so your office chair faces the entryway and knows exactly who’s entering and leaving. Try to design an exciting focal wall backdrop that catches your attention during ZOOM calls and makes your home office look unique and phenomenal. Lastly, place the file storage stand and other necessities at an arm’s distance so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable now and then.

Summing It Up

Designing the perfect home office isn’t a difficult job! You must ensure safety, security, liveliness, and positivity to create a motivated haven for yourself. So, are you excited to start sprucing up your home office?

Ready to refresh your home?

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