8 Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

White and blue kitchen with brass accents

Written by My Home Handyman

July 12, 2022

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It’s time to say goodbye to monotonous kitchens and welcome the mixing and matching of hues for contrast. Gone are the days when homeowners embraced the look and feel of a single-hued kitchen, considering them as ‘timeless’ and ‘sophisticated.’ With the latest trends and designs, there’s nothing more visually exciting and appealing than a two-toned kitchen that adds a sense of drama and contrast to your space.

What is a two-toned kitchen, and how are the two tones playing a role? Well, it’s about visually painting your kitchen cabinets in two different colours (upper and lower). Generally, it’s ideal to choose a lighter tone for the upper cabinets and a darker tone for the lower cabinets. However, there’s no hard and fast rule. Here’s a list of a few handpicked two-toned kitchen design ideas that will readily make your space go ‘wow’!

Navy Blue & White

This classic colour combination will give your kitchen high contrast for strong visual appeal. Painting the upper cabinets in crisp or creamy white and the lower in navy blue will exhibit a modern, sophisticated, and formal vibe to your space.

It’s ideal to choose satin brass fixtures, knobs, and pull handles for a statement of luxe and glam. If you have a Modern Farmhouse or transitional interior design style, choosing powder-coated black handles wouldn’t be a bad option either. This also happens to be a palette that would work equally well in small and large kitchens.

Sage Green & Cream

Sage green kitchen cabinets are trendy and soothing and are here to stay! This combination is quite timeless and will always make your space feel more welcoming and charming. If you pick a satin brass finish for the pull handles and knobs, the overall result is bound to be eclectic and unique.

Generally, this combination would work the best with off-white backsplash tiles in a particular pattern or manner. For instance, you can choose a subway style for modern design or herringbone for eclectic and glam styles.

Teal & Light Gray

Want to make your kitchen cabinets stand out? Well, choose a tone of teal blue for the lower cabinets and light gray for the upper. This combination will bring your space closer to nature and make it feel calmer and more marine-like. You can choose a brushed chrome finish for the fixtures, knobs, and pull handles.

This design idea is timeless and will never make your space feel old and boring. Try avoiding too many patterns for a haphazard look! Generally, it’s also ideal to choose a light gray colour for the backsplash tiles.

Emerald Green & Walnut Wood

If you have an eclectic and glam style, don’t avoid incorporating the shades of Emerald green on the cabinets in contrast with walnut woods. To further create a flair of style and drama, choose a satin brass finish for the knobs and pull handles to give your space a perfectly quirky and eye-catchy appeal.

This palette, in general, is ideal for larger kitchens where there’s ample natural light to create a sense of open space. You must also not hold back from patterned backsplash for a touch of uniqueness or light gray for subtleness in this space.

Black & White

Let’s start with one of the most popular fusions! You can paint the upper cabinets white or the lower black (the generic option). Or consider painting the upper cabinets (with glass doors) in black and all the lower cabinets in white. Your kitchen’s amalgamation of black and white is timeless, elegant, sophisticated, and dramatic.

This is a clever way to use black even in the smaller kitchens without compromising on the look and feel of the space. The glass doors allow you to show off your favourite China and display all the pretty crockery!

Cherry Wood & Greige

Greige (gray and beige fused) works amazingly well with the rich cherry wood finish. This combination is versatile and can work for most interior design styles – modern, traditional, transitional, Japandi, and contemporary. You can get the best pair of this duo with light warm gray or white marble countertop and oversized copper-finished pull handles!

In such a case, choose to style the cherry wood finish on all the cabinets (upper and lower). Don’t hold back from painting the greige paint colour on the island table and the walls for a cohesive look.

Wood & White

Whether you have an industrial design style or transitional, modern or modern farmhouse – this ‘made in heaven’ duo will never disappoint you. You wouldn’t want to update this classic combination now and then – a great way to keep your kitchen looking fresh and timeless.

The wood stain that you choose depends on a variety of factors. First, your interior design style and the size of your kitchen. It would help if you chose a lighter stain like Oak for smaller kitchens and darker colour like Mahogany for larger kitchens.

Purple & Creamy White

For a touch of surprise in your kitchen, don’t hold back from painting the lower cabinets in shades of purple or plum. This quirky colour will bring out the best in your space and make it feel more uplifting, energetic, and passionate. I highly recommend amalgamating this duo with a floral patterned wallpaper to tie all the elements together.

Choosing satin or antique brass for the pull handles and knobs is what you must have an eye on. Lastly, never let this Eclectic combination go unnoticed, and style with your favourite wall sconces and pendant lights.

Summing It Up

Styling the two-toned kitchens can be easy and yet fun to do! You have many opportunities with design styles and colour palettes to choose from. So, which particular combination intrigued you the most?

Ready to refresh your home?

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