8 Tips on How to Design a Perfect Kitchen

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Written by My Home Handyman

February 13, 2022

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The kitchen is the heart of a home. It hosts a wide variety of everyday tasks such as cooking, eating, cleaning, and even entertainment. Apart from the obvious function, this space is destined to make you feel at home, lively, and happy. Yes, the kitchen is like an ever-evolving corner in your home.

So, are you looking for a kitchen renovation or completely new construction? Don’t worry – I have listed out a set of 8 tips on designing a perfect kitchen for your home! Well, thoughtful planning is the number one aspect to consider.

Follow the golden triangle rule

When planning for efficiency, ensure to follow the golden triangle rule in your kitchen. It mainly dedicates the three major functions of cooking, cleaning, and storage space in a set triangular form. And believe it, this planning further enhances the movement and fluidity in your space. This way, you can also reach out for other functions easily when multitasking!

Generally, stove, refrigerator, and sink should form the junctions of a triangle. Try to avoid placing them next to each other (unless it’s a one-walled kitchen where an optimum distance needs to be maintained, linearly).

Eliminate wasted steps

Working in a kitchen should be fun for you – and not hectic or time-consuming, right? So, when organizing your kitchen, it’s essential to eliminate the wasted steps and strategically plan the function and storage. For instance, storing the breakfast foods near the breakfast bar or locating dishware and flatware near the dishwasher is ideal and easy to work with. You can also place the spices and oil jars near the cooktop for easy cooking!

The practicality should be well preached and defined in your kitchen. This technique also allows you to be more organized while avoiding wasting time searching for essentials.

Focus on the movement

Let’s have a detailed eye on the dimensions of the walkways. First and foremost, your kitchen floor space needs to have enough room between the cabinetry and island table. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in congestion between the cabinets and the kitchen table. Ideally, the paths should be 36 inches wide, with cooking zones at 42 inches. In the case of two-cook configurations, ensure the width is 48 inches for easy access.

You should be able to stand and work while another person can cross paths easily!

Think lighting

Lighting is an essential element in your kitchen. That space needs to be well-lit since there are many activities taking place. From cooking to food preparation, dining, and cleaning, a well-lit kitchen will foster a safe and secure environment and make the space feel more inviting and welcoming.

Generally, you can consider a combination of LED recessed lights, pendant lights over the kitchen table, and several task lights focusing on the work zones. Consider having a variety of task, ambient, and decorative lights in a kitchen during the planning stage.

Consider the colour palette

Your kitchen’s colour palette has a major role to play in creating a specific vibe for your kitchen. Do you want it elegant and sophisticated or quirky and vibrant? The color palette has a lot to say. Generally, this involves the color of the cabinets (upper and lower), the backdrop wall, backsplash tiles, ceiling, and even the door and window frame.

Depending upon the interior design style, you can choose a color palette that is clean and crisp, minimal and modern, or bright and eye-catchy, eclectic and glam. Also, ensure not to mismatch the palette since that can be quite unwelcoming or unattractive.

Don’t forget ventilation

Pay extra attention when it comes to the utility and ventilation. After all, you don’t want the food smells to hover around your entire house, right? It can also adversely affect your home’s fabrics and everyday air quality. That’s why it’s important to properly install the chimney and an exhaust fan that can easily get your kitchen rid of odors, smells, and smoke.

Believe it or not, improper kitchen ventilation can affect your health and wellness in the long run. If not taken care of, the results could be adverse, whether the lungs, eyes, or the nose!

Get creative with organization

Kitchen storage space is never enough. Generally, homeowners always find ways to think creatively and space-saving in the kitchen. Now is the time to organize drawers, shelves, and countertops. With the help of racks, lazy susan, foldaway trolleys, and food storage and canisters – you can efficiently store a ton of your kitchen necessities.

At this time, you can play as chic and creative as possible! Ensure to make use of the vertical dimension of your kitchen to add extra storage. Don’t hold back from wall-mounted storage, baskets, drawer organizers, and canisters to organize the belongings on the countertop space.

Choose materials wisely

Materials should be the number one aspect that you can’t ignore. Whether it is the material of the cabinet, countertop, floors, type, and finish of the paint, hardware, or the backsplash – you must always consider the features of maintenance, stain resistance, and steam resistance. Generally, for countertops, you can always consider marble or granite that is long-lasting and easy to clean.

Some homeowners tend to use wooden countertops, which is not a very friendly option to use. Always consider the lifespan of the material that you intend to use!

Summing it up

Designing a perfect kitchen can be pretty fun if you follow these simple tips, tricks, and hacks. And if cooking is your passion, you would truly enjoy spending more and more time indoors! All you have to consider is a sense of practicality and creativity that can take your kitchen design a long way.

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