8 Reasons You Should Use Mirrors to Decorate Your Home

Home entry with bench and circle mirror

Written by My Home Handyman

April 28, 2022

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Decorating with mirrors has always been fun and entertaining. Apart from checking out your outfit, these mirrors truly have much more to offer! After all, they’re interior designers’ best friends and have the potential to ultimately make a versatile design feature in any space they’re used. So, remember – whenever you’re in doubt, it’s time to pick up a mirror and let that space shine bright.

Whether it’s the hallway, staircases, living room, bathroom, or the entryway – styling with a mirror is one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate your home. And since they come in various fancy frames and shapes – you have the opportunity to be as creative as you want. However, apart from aesthetics, mirrors are also great illusion-creators and magic players. Don’t believe it? Well, have a look at the following 8 reasons why mirrors play beyond beauty and aesthetics.

Mirrors Create Illusion

Residing in a small apartment or loft and are confused about how to deal with small square footage issues? Well, it’s time to make use of mirrors to help enhance your home and create an illusion of a larger space. Remember, with the right mirror and the right placement, even the tiniest room can seem to appear bigger and airier. Yes! Mirrors can truly play magic!

Now here’s another trick that you must know. To further make your room appear lively and bright, hang the mirror opposite a window to reflect light and create an illusion.

Mirrors Maximize Light

Just like these mirrors have the potential to deal with smaller-sized spaces, they also have the power to light up a dull and dingy room. Believe it or not, a mirror can multiply light in a space by reflecting it – thus, increasing the brightness. So, if you have a room that’s poorly lit or the windows are too small to let in ample natural light – it’s time to style with mirrors that can remedy the situation.

Try to place mirrors opposite to a source of lighting – whether natural or artificial so it creatively reflects light and makes the space appear well-lit.

Mirrors Bring Good Energy

Mirrors are often associated with bringing positive energy into the home. Yes, that’s one reason why mirrors make an essential decor element for feng shui as well. Ideally, mirrors represent water, and they can help foster a sense of balance and focus in a room. So, you can also hang a mirror over the mantle of a fireplace to soften the fire element of the hearth. Furthermore, you can also place mirrors in the entryway of your home to create a sense of positive energy and welcomeness for the guests.

And all this while, remember to avoid mirrors in your bedroom since that’s a big no-no in feng shui!

Mirrors Make a Statement of Style

Mirrors can play a great focal statement in the room. It’s not necessary that you always need a fireplace, mantle, artwork, or artifact to gain that first attention. Sometimes, you can also style a large mirror to play a focal and fundamental point in a room. Moreover, you can always play with various decorative frames to infuse a flair of style and character into the room.

Simultaneously, you must rethink the finish that plays cohesively in the room. Gold, powder-coated matte black, chrome, or wood – the choice is yours!

Mirrors Help Hide Imperfections

Do you have those undesirable holes and flakes on the walls of your home that you want to get rid of? Well, it’s time to hide them without any professional help! Yes, simply make use of the mirrors! You can easily conceal such areas with the help of decorative mirrors that not only enhance the room but also make the walls look clean and crisp.

Furthermore, you can always pair this mirror setup with a couple of artworks to create a gallery wall-like look, if the complete wall is slightly damaged or looks hideous.

Mirrors Are Versatile

Whenever in doubt, make use of that mirror to add a vast sense of timelessness and versatility to the room. Regardless of the interior design style, mirrors will always play a subtle decorative base that can enlighten the room and make it feel unique and airy. Even if you’re short on decor ideas, these mirrors will ultimately help you add a sense of creativity to the room.

However, too many mirrors can equally mislead your space. And that’s why remember to hang it focally on that empty wall or over the sideboard and fireplace to create a balanced look in the room.

Mirrors Increase Appeal

A mirror will never disappoint you! It will enhance the interiors of your room and make it feel more lively, homely, refined, and crisp. Hence, you can make use of that mirror to add focus to that ceramic vase or the planter you’ve always loved. Now here’s a little trick you can play! Remember to style mirrors in a space where you want to flaunt a particular decor item and avoid where it’s too cluttered.

This will increasingly make your home look enhanced, clean, extremely warm, and welcoming! It’s definitely a must try for minimalist, modern, and contemporary style designs.

Mirrors Offer Additional Security

You can make use of mirrors to add additional security to your home. And do you know how? Well, by simply placing them opposite the windows and doors so you can always have an eye on who’s entering and leaving, even from a distance.

However, remember not to overcrowd these wall openings with too many mirrors. Just play subtle and your home is bound to look more flawless than it would ever have been.

Summing It Up

You see, mirrors play more than a mere design element. It enhances your space, plays functional, plays practical, and also creates a sense of illusion and magic! Well, what more does a homeowner need, right? So, are you looking to spruce up those dingy corners with the help of mirrors? Well, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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