8 Reasons To Choose Luxury Vinyl Plank for Your Next Renovation Project

Range of Luxury Vinyl Tile options

Written by My Home Handyman

January 11, 2022

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Currently, luxury vinyl is the most popular and hottest trend in the home renovation and construction industry. The apparent reason is the endless list of advantages this durable and beautiful material offers. So, what is luxury vinyl, and why are homeowners and interior designers obsessing over it? Luxury vinyl is a flooring product that mimics stone, wood, or ceramic and is entirely artificial.

Not just for homes, this flooring can also be used for commercial, hospitality, and healthcare spaces. Here are eight reasons you should consider a luxury vinyl plank.


Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is durable compared to other flooring types. Since it’s composed of robust natural materials, it tends to last longer while resisting scratches and stains. It has a high slip resistance, which is why if you have kids running around, you don’t need to worry about injury or wear and tear.

When installed correctly, the luxury vinyl planks have the potential to withstand heavier weights and provide great-looking floors for up to 25 to 30 years.

Low maintenance

Luxury vinyl flooring has a protective layer on the surface, making it relatively easy to clean and maintain. The floor is resistant to scratches, cracks, chipping, and staining. You can consider using the flooring for high-traffic areas like the entryway, home offices, and living rooms instead of other high-maintenance flooring materials.

And when cleaning, you can use a mop or a dry cloth to wipe it clean. You can also use deep chemical cleansers to clean the floor more thoroughly.


Depending upon your interior design style, this versatile option adds a sense of luxury and character to your space. When it comes to luxury vinyl flooring, you have the opportunity to choose from stone, wood, or ceramic-looking planks. Yes, they are very realistic in appearance!

These planks can complement all styles, from Victorian to contemporary interior design styles. There are usually many options to choose from. You can also style them in herringbone, chevron, or English-bond pattern to add an extra flair to your design.


Luxury vinyl flooring are durable and stain resistant

Another great benefit of luxury vinyl tiles is the maximum resistance against water and moisture. It is an excellent fit for moisture-prone areas like the bathrooms, kitchens, and saunas. Installing this flooring in these rooms can protect against the growth of mould and mildew is an excellent choice.

It’s the right product since you don’t have to worry about wine spills or kids playing around. Compared to ceramic tile, the LVF has a greater moisture resistance – over 200 times. The base layer contains polyester and resin that quickly soak up any spill or leak before affecting the upper layer.


Compared to carpet, hardwood, or tile, the LVFs are relatively inexpensive. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, this flooring is an affordable option for home or commercial offices, especially if you have a tight budget. LVF provides the best bang for your dollar as it is budget-friendly and offers long-term use due to its durability.

Generally, you can find LVFs are as low as $0.99-$2.50/square foot, which is an excellent investment for your home if you ever decide to sell it one day! Quite a wallet-friendly option, right?

Increase your home’s value

It’s better to sell your property if you have already installed the luxury vinyl flooring. Homeowners, in general, look for properties that have installed LVF due to the sustainability, appealing aesthetics, low maintenance, and high durability. So, your property is ready to sell if you have upgraded your floor with LVF!

The authentic and realistic look can contribute to a higher return on investment. Of course, it offers the best of both worlds – appearance and affordability, which is why this material gives you a competitive advantage.


Luxury vinyl flooring is eco-friendly. It requires less energy to produce and install, and it doesn’t need any toxic chemicals for installation. So, if choosing environmentally friendly materials is essential to you, LVF is an excellent option.

Luxury vinyl tiles also have an insulating effect, and they can help save on your energy bills. Especially in the winter months, this tile contributes to a warm indoor environment indoors.


Luxury vinyl tiles are great insulators. They tend to become warmer in the winter months, and the floors are comparatively cooler in the summer months. So, you will never feel too warm or too cold indoors – you can also easily walk barefoot at any time of the year.

This flooring also acts as an excellent soundproofing layer. So, you worry less about playing your music too loud or the kids making too much noise. Also, this flooring is bound to make your home look warm and inviting for the guests.

Undeniably, the luxury vinyl flooring is worthy of investment. Since there are endless options in the market – it further offers an opportunity to select the best one easily. In the bigger picture, this flooring is inexpensive, highly durable, highly sustainable, easy to maintain, and offers resistance against mould, mildew, and cracking.

Isn’t this truly a win-win solution? If you plan to use these luxury vinyl planks for your home – and live in the Calgary area, feel free to reach out anytime for a free estimate.

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