8 Paint Colours that Will Make Your Walls Pop

Living room painted and decorated with bold colours

Written by My Home Handyman

December 30, 2021

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While subtle neutrals and off-whites are very popular, it’s time to embrace the beauty of a room that’s bursting with vivid colours. Undeniably, the grays, whites, and beiges are timeless – but there is some magic to striking reds, oranges, and blues that have taken over the other half of the interior design industry. Setting a mood-boosting and energetic environment, these bolder colours are set to make your walls pop in the most creative ways.

All you have to do is switch your creativity and let the juices flow! A fresh coat of these eight quirky paint colours will transform your room and make the walls stand out.

Burnt orange

Taking inspiration from an earthy palette, the shade of burnt orange makes a perfect statement with a dash of personality and warmth. It’s bright, stark, and saturated for a bold pop on the wall.

Not too mainstream orange nor completely brown, this shade is a medium tone that you will not regret. It pairs best with dark gray and dark blue! When considering paint swatches, look at Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay or Benjamin Moore Burnt Crystal.

Playful teal

Living room painted in light teal

Even though powder blues and cobalt blues are popular among homeowners, let’s take a moment to appreciate another category of blue that is equally loved – teals. It’s a dreamy, saturated blue-green paint colour that takes inspiration from the sea and deep oceans for an attractive and calming environment.

Generally, you can pair teal with bright whites or creamy off-whites for a sharp contrast. It also works beautifully with pink and golden tints. When looking for examples, nothing can beat the beauty of Sherwin Williams Really Teal and Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal.

Feel confident with mustard

Bedroom in mustard yellow

Not exactly yellow, the tone of mustard perfectly mimics the hue of the Sun. This bright and bold colour exhibits friendly and energetic vibes. It can be incorporated into exercise rooms, solariums, entryways, and feature walls. This warm colour looks spectacular when paired with dark blues, lighter grays, and true whites.

Apart from bringing energy, optimism, and confidence to space – this colour can create a timeless and versatile look. Sherwin Williams Cut the Mustard, and Benjamin Moore Spicy Mustard are great colour examples.

Timeless mauve

Mauve is the new pink! Yes – the blend of this dusty pink and purple can genuinely do wonders. Not precisely a pink or violet, this unusual tone really stands out. However, remember to only pair it with whites and off-whites if you don’t want the adjacent colour to overpower. Also, a little yellow can go a long way.

This colour can be categorized under feminine hues. Especially for Shabby Chic and Hollywood Glam style – it’s the best way to go! If mauve sounds right to you, consider Sherwin Williams Mauve Finery and Benjamin Moore Deep Mauve.

Grounded earthy brown

This is a look that will never be boring! Reminiscent of the earth, and the woods, browns can magically make your walls come alive without creating an old-school feel. This subdued and natural tone will make your room feel soothing and warm.

Pair this colour with creamy off-white and golden tints. Generally, the best colours are Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze and Benjamin Moore Dark Nut Brown which are neither too mainstream nor too saturated.

A touch of pine green

Living room with pine green wall

Pine green is a dark colour that is cool-toned and holds sufficient depth to make the walls stand out. It’s generally best to pair the hue with crisp and cool whites, wooden textures, and golden tints to enhance this colour’s depth.

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green and Benjamin Moore Jack Pine offer the best of both worlds. If you’re a fan of Glam, Victorian, or Contemporary styles – this vivid colour is the one for you.

Dusty rose

Wall painted in dusty rose with natural wood shelving

Deep Dusty Rose is a friendly, inviting, and welcoming colour that hits a soft, feminine vibe. It’s neither too saturated nor too subtle like blush to create a focal point. Just the right amount of added depth and drama for the walls to substantially pop.

It’s best to pair the dusty rose with creamy bases and lighter grays which further helps in streamlining the palette. Have a look at Sherwin Williams Insightful Rose and Benjamin Moore Brown Teepee for examples of dusty rose.

Classic navy blue

Navy Blue is versatile, timeless, and makes a statement! Hence, regardless of where you plan to use the paint, it’s a given that it will stand out and make your room feel bold and elegant. Generally, it’s best to pair navy blue with lemon yellow, golden tints, lighter browns, and crisp whites.

A few notable examples: Sherwin Williams Naval and Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. They have the right amount of depth and drama to create a noteworthy style for your home. And the best is that it looks great in smaller rooms.

Ready to refresh your home?

No more boring walls or outdated colours! All you need to do is figure out is the look you want and leave the rest to these statement colours for a stylish and bold look for your home.

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