8 Beautiful Shades of Green to Paint Your Home

Green living room

Written by My Home Handyman

June 22, 2022

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Just thinking about the shades of green will calm you down and make you feel relaxed, tranquillized, and serene. Yes, that’s the beauty of this organic hue that mimics nature in the most beautiful ways. However, there isn’t a single greens category on the paint swatch. Once you observe the variety and endless list of greens, you’re bound to be amused by every single one!

Ever since the pandemic hit the world and forced homeowners to stay indoors, the demand for ‘greens’ has surprisingly increased. Mostly because homeowners still wanted to connect and reconnect with nature. Are you looking for a perfect shade of green for your home? Let’s get started.

1. Sage Green

The Sage green colour category beautifully mimics the dried sage leaves, exhibiting a sense of subtleness and serenity in your space. This gray-green paint colour is a trend and can seamlessly make you feel relaxed, tranquillized, and calm. It’s recommended for kitchen cabinets, front doors, bedroom focal walls, bathroom vanity, and laundry room cabinets. You can best pair the sage green colours with creamy off-whites, taupes, beiges (light or dark), and lighter grays.

Sage green wall with black floor lamp

Some notable sage green colour examples are Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray and Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze.

2. Mint Green

Unlike sage greens, mint greens don’t have a gray undertone. They’re stark, lively, and highly crisp – Falling on the cooler end of the scale. The mint green paint colours will always feel slightly bright and sharp – you must pair them with whites to further calm them down. For some mint colours, you can observe a pretty blue undertone. This colour category is highly recommended for kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, and kitchen cabinets.

Two of our favourite mint green examples are Sherwin Williams Aloe and Sherwin Williams Lacewing.

3. Olive Green

Olive green is a warm green colour category that takes inspiration from nature and feels organic and earthy. This warm green colour could have the undertone of either brown or yellow to warm up the surroundings and make them feel closer to nature. It’s generally best to pair this colour category with creamy off-whites to create a neutralized look. The shades of olive green are the best on kitchen cabinets, living room walls, entryway doors and shutters, bedroom walls, and bathrooms.

Some olive-green paint colours to consider are Sherwin Williams Green Sprout and Sherwin Williams Artichoke.

4. Pine Green

Pine Green is a dark, blue-green paint colour that mimics the hues of a pine tree. Majorly falling on the cooler end of the scale, you can best pair this colour with creamy whites, rich gold, Sakura pink, and ample lighter grays. This colour category is bold, and dramatic, and feels extremely luxurious and elegant. You can definitely make a statement in your home with pine green in the living room, built-in cabinetry, entryway doors, foyer, and home office focal wall.

The two Pine Green colours to consider are Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines and Sherwin Williams and Sherwin Williams Hunt Club.

5. Teal Green

Teal green is a colour category formed by blending shades of blue and green. This energizing combination is a great way to add a sense of focus to your home and make the space feel energetic, bright, contrasting, bold, and dramatic. You can best use teal greens in the living room walls, bedroom walls, kitchen cabinets, exterior trims, shutters, mouldings, and even kids’ rooms. They can be best paired with creamy whites, rich gold, grays, wooden textures, and ample beiges.

Two teal green colours to consider are Sherwin Williams Intense Teal and Sherwin Williams Splashy.

6. Bright Green

Bright green is a true green tone that has an undertone of yellow underneath. This colour category is bright, and stark and can inject playfulness and liveliness into any space. Generally, it’s ideal for living room walls and even playrooms, nurseries, and kids’ rooms. Generally, to make it further striking and contrasting, add shades of Sakura pink and light gray on the accessories and other accents. You must use metallic tones of matte black and satin brass to go with this overall panorama!

You can choose from Sherwin Williams Lime Rickey or Sherwin Williams Dancing Green here!

7. Emerald Green

Emerald Greens are dark greens that exhibit a rich, luxe, and elegant vibe to a space. This regal tone is intense and can be best paired with shades of off-white, lighter greens, lighter grays, rich gold, mustards, and soft pinks. You can consider using emerald greens on the kitchen cabinets, living room focal walls, bedroom accent walls, bathroom vanity, and even ceilings for a dramatic look.

The two emerald green colours that will transform the vibe of your room are Sherwin Williams Kale Green and Sherwin Williams Pewter Green.

8. Sea Green

The Sea Green colour category has a touch of green and blue to make your space feel as refreshing and rejuvenating as possible. Mimicking the hues of the Gulf of Mexico, this green colour is calm, subtle, and incredibly soothing. If you ever want to feel closer to nature – this is a colour category to look forward to! You can best use these hues in your kids’ rooms, playrooms, home offices, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Consider pairing shades of off-white and yellow with this phenomenal colour category.

The two Pine Green colours to consider are Sherwin Williams Mint Condition and Sherwin Williams and Sherwin Williams Spirited Green.

Summing It Up

Now that we have discussed a wide array of green paint colours – are you excited to incorporate any? It also depends on your interior design style, space size, and personal colour preferences.

Ready to refresh your home?

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