8 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Renovation Project

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Written by My Home Handyman

May 20, 2022

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Ever since the pandemic hit the world and forced homeowners to stay put at home, there has been a rising demand for meaningful, thoughtful, and joyous interior spaces. On average, a human spends 92% of their time indoors. So, this space must truly speak their style and personality while motivating and enlightening them throughout the day. And for a reason, an interior designer has been trained and educated to design such positive and well-planned spaces!

From cutting down on extra costs to saving time, an interior designer can help design a perfectly unique space in little time and little money. So, before you pull out all the paint and material swatches, it’s time to hire a designer and let them do your work. So, you sit back, relax, and enjoy time working on your passions! Here’s a list of 8 benefits of hiring an interior designer for your next renovation project!

1. Interior Designers Save Money

Hiring an interior designer or decorator will leave dollars on the table. Even though it might sound strange, how would hiring a professional save money in the long run? Well, the fact is that an interior designer will help cut down on extra costs and save you from making expensive mistakes.

Even though they have their fees, this will prove to be a beneficial investment in the long run. An interior designer will reduce unwanted spending and save you from making a wrong purchase and later regretting it.

2. Interior Designers are Creative

An interior designer will think outside the box and create a unique design for you. It would help if you let them do their job and observe how artistically they end up designing your space. So, if you crave a distinctive look in your home and your guests are going simply ‘wow’ – here’s something to look forward to.

Looking through the lens of an interior designer, you’re bound to observe an extra punch of creativity, fun, and eccentricity in the home. And don’t forget – an interior designer will also upgrade the value of your home!

3. Interior Designers will Know your Style

Before designing and decorating your home, it’s crucial to know your design style and colour preferences. After all, you can’t afford to design your home completely in a style that doesn’t speak to your personality or style, right? So, an interior designer will help evaluate your likes and dislikes, choices and preferences, and do’s and don’ts.

Whether it’s in the form of taking a style quiz or physically analyzing the colour palette considerations and materials – an interior designer has much more to look after than you may perceive.

4. Interior Designers Saves Time

They say time is money! And here my friend – you have the opportunity to save both. An interior designer will help you in saving the hours and days that you spend on carrying out the design or choosing materials and specifications. Just like saving finances, a designer is well-informed about the design process and knows precisely when to get what done.

So, whether it’s about choosing that fabric or the wallpaper, backsplash tiles or the cabinet colour – a designer will get your to-do’s done and implemented in a very short time. In a way, you’re also saving money by speeding up the project!

5. Interior Designers Increase the Value of Your Property

An interior designer knows exactly what uplifts and degrades the value of your home. They know what’s timeless and what’s outdated! They know what’s going to stay in the industry and what’s going to become a trend. These aspects are essential if you’re potentially looking to sell your home in the coming future.

Making poor choices when it comes to materials, furniture selection, and colour selection can affect the overall value of your home. Generally, buyers are conscious of the quality of the fixtures, the visually appealing colours and finishes, and the textures that give your space a rich and elegant look. And who better knows it if not the interior designer?

6. Interior Designers Have an Extensive Network

If you’re somewhere away from the construction and interior design industry, it’s quite likely that you don’t have contacts and resources. Since interior designers are well-experienced and have spent a considerable amount of years in the business, they know how and from where you need to get things done.

They can get you in touch with reliable sources so you can make contacts and purchase quality fabrics and furniture. They might even get you a discount or offer on the overall purchase at some places!

7. Interior Designers Can Make the Renovation Stress-Free

Whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, the entire process of designing can be quite hectic, overwhelming, and stressful. Yes, you might have to deal with headaches every now and then! However, hiring an interior designer can help solve the issue. They know their daily operations and can take over the stresses and create a seamless and enjoyable experience for you.

You don’t have to worry about purchase details, material specifications, product orders, budgeting, or dealing with vendors. Yes, a designer is all set to help you in every design aspect.

8. Interior Designers Are Your Go-To Professionals

In a way, you’re developing a new relationship with your interior designer. Even after years down the line, your designer wouldn’t hesitate to help you with more minor design-related issues. You exactly know who to reach out to answer your queries and ask decoration-related doubts.

And it’s never a bad idea to socialize and be in touch with your colleagues, friends, and even professionals, right?

Summing It Up

The benefits of hiring an interior designer are genuinely endless. In the long run, you’re simply getting an opportunity to learn more and have your home designed, stress-free, on a lower budget, and in less time. A designer is even ensuring that the process is enjoyable for you! So, are you ready to take on a designer for the next project?

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