8 Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Home Like a Designer

Well Decorated Living Room

Written by My Home Handyman

December 24, 2021

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It doesn’t always cost a fortune to have a beautiful and high-end-looking home. You can add an extra flair to your home by carefully understanding and analyzing the colour wheel and interior design elements. From applying a fresh coat of paint to styling throw pillows, hanging artwork, and upgrading window treatments – you are just an inch away from transforming your home into a designer’s bliss. Here is a list of eight inexpensive ways to make your home look more elegant and sophisticated than ever!

Paint colour matters

Paint can transform the whole look and vibe of your room. For example, a cool neutral like gray, andblue, or green can exhibit a refreshing, crisp, and modern vibe. On the other hand, a warm neutral like beige, creamy white, and brown will showcase a welcoming and inviting vibe.

You have the option to either pick a monochromatic or contrasting colour scheme. Generally, a monochromatic colour scheme incorporates the hues from the same family, whereas a contrasting system uses two colours to create a strong effect. This is a great way to create an expensive feeling without damaging the wallet.

Add pillows and blankets

Pillows can offer the best of both worlds. Apart from adding a cozy and comfortable vibe to the space, they also add an aesthetically appealing factor. Throw pillows and blankets can truly bring elegance to a room when chosen carefully. You must creatively pick materials, textures, and colours to add depth to the area.

You can also play with the sizes and shapes. Generally, smaller ones like 12” to 18” play focal while the 24” for added comfort and coziness. The plush look of fur, velvet, and suede is something to savour!

Update window treatments

A home without window treatments would look inexpensive, cheap, and unfinished. Depending upon the vibe and interior design style, you must pick from a wide array of typologies. This is simply one of the most inexpensive ways to add elegance to your home – Choosing a ceiling-to-floor length curtain would help define luxury.

Generally, it’s best to pick materials like natural silk, linen, and velvet that tend to exhibit a designer feel. You must try to avoid see-through materials! Lastly, if draperies are not your thing, you must pick woven bamboo shades or wooden blinds for a cohesive look.

Style with artwork

Art gallery wall in in small living room

Another inexpensive and creative way to decorate your home is simply hanging artwork and wall decor. Whether it’s a vintage piece of art that you picked from a flea market or family photographs, this is a great way to spark creativity and a sense of style and flair to your living room and bedroom.

You must keep in mind the size of the artwork. Nothing is more timeless and classic than a large piece of artwork playing the focal point on an empty wall. You can choose abstract, geometric, landscape, and even a large mirror with a frame.

Lay out a rug

A rug can pull a room together and give your home that perfect designer look. You can pick materials like fur and shag for an added sense of comfort and linen or polyester for a modern and contemporary appeal.

Generally, larger rugs can cost a fortune.  That’s when you must mix and match them all to create a cohesive and well-designed space. Also, remember to strategically place the rug, so the room looks symmetrical and balanced.

Play with lighting

It’s time to think outside the box. You can add creative and designer lighting in the form of pendant lights, wall sconces, and chandeliers. Depending upon your style, you can pick a glass, metal, or crystal chandelier to bring elegance and joy to the room.

From my experience, you can get a high-end look with a low-price tag. Whether you shop at flea markets or thrift stores – you must choose a piece of lighting that speaks to your style and personality. You can also style floor lamps and table lamps in the empty corners to give your room some character.

Find affordable furniture

Purchasing affordable furniture beforehand will leave you ample dollars in the end. This way, you can create an utmost designer look with second-hand furniture and the ones bought from flea markets, consignment shops, and thrift stores. Just think creatively and play with the fabrics and textures when purchasing furniture for your living room and bedroom.

Don’t hold back from reupholstering the furniture pieces if you get the opportunity to. This will eventually give a designer look without damaging your wallet. Lastly, remember to play cohesively in your space while pairing the decor items wisely.

Beige living and dinning areas

Accessorize it

Finally, details matter! Most homes lack accessories, and that’s why they don’t exhibit an elegant look. After you’ve put together the furniture, rug, curtains, and artwork – it’s time to focus on the details. Details such as centerpieces, antiques, indoor plants and planters, and mirrors enhance the character of a room.

And remember, it’s not necessary to spend a hefty price on this. You are free to be as wild and as creative as you want! So, ensure to pick vintage, meaningful, and something that adds value to your home.

Ready to refresh your home?

Now that you see it, it’s simple to achieve a designer look in your home. All you must do is start budgeting your expenses. Think about shopping at second-hand stores and flea markets to acquire decor items that are relatively cheap and reasonable. And trust me, you would be surprised to know how easy it is to achieve an elegant and designer look on a very restricted budget!

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