5 Popular Colours to Stain Your Deck

A person staining a deck with a brush

Written by My Home Handyman

March 18, 2022

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Deck colours have the potential to transform and enhance the appearance of your outdoor space and the exteriors. Choosing the wrong stain or colour may mislead the overall vibe and palette – this could be a significant distraction or blunder in your home! But don’t worry – there are a few tips and tricks to choosing the correct stain for the deck. First and foremost depends upon the exterior colour palette, outdoor features, and the deck’s level of use.

These 5 top popular colours make an attractive choice for staining your deck from browns to blues, greys, reds, and natural stains. And do you know the best part? They all play a unique role in setting their own mood and offering a cohesive experience! So, let’s have a look at what best suits your needs and requirements.


One of the most popular and classic options, brown stains are responsible for bringing a sense of warmth, welcomeness, and coziness. It’s quite likely for you to detect a brown-hued stain on the deck. However, that’s only applicable depending upon the exterior colour palette. So, if you have a wide array of beiges, creamy whites, greiges, or taupes on the walls – this stain would work the best.

The brown colour is versatile and can easily blend into the surrounding landscape panorama (without standing out abnormally). Generally, picking dark and rich shades like Mahogany and Walnut can bring elegance and depth to the deck. On the other hand, lighter browns like pine, oak, or Cedar will invite a sense of airiness, and openness, and are ideal for colder regions or casual backdrops. Another intriguing shade is ebony which can be used in urban homes to bring a sophisticated and modern vibe.

Try experimenting with these various shades of brown on the deck before finalizing a particular stain! Some other shades of brown stains to consider are fawn, chestnut brown, desert tan, and butternut!


Blue is one of the most upcoming and trendy stains to paint your deck! Especially for coastal or beachy homes – this trendsetting blue is responsible for bringing a casual, airy, and open vibe. Generally, there is a wide array of blue stains to pick from – but one of the most popular is Blue Granite which is muted and can easily blend into the existing landscape panorama. You can choose a blue stain for the deck when you have painted crisp white, lighter grays, and even blue-greens on the shiplap wall.

Blue stain is highly recommended for coastal backdrops and warmer regions to calm and soothe the outdoors subtly. Another popular blue stain is Cool Breeze which can imbibe an energetic look and make you feel like you’re on a beach! Since most of the warmth from the sun is reflected away, this blue makes a number one choice.


Gone are the days when greys were associated with a dull, old-school, and monotonous look. With the upcoming trends, grey is emerging to be one of the most timeless and versatile options for your deck. Generally, you can choose a lighter gray stain like Stonehedge with crisp white, brown, red, yellow, taupe, or black paint on the exterior walls. On the other hand, deep and dark gray stains like Mountain Gray are ideal for white walls and other shades of light gray, green, and blue!

Like blues, grays are equally responsible for bringing a cool, calm, and composed vibe. This palette is also ideal for coastal and other warmer regions where the gray will seamlessly blend into the surrounding panorama. Also, you can choose from warm and cool gray stains depending upon the saturation of the exterior palette – slate, fog gray, harbour gray, and Stonehedge.


Red is another popular stain option for homeowners. It plays quite versatile and can easily complement most of the paint colours on the exterior wall. The red stain will undeniably add a cultural and engaging look to the outdoor setup from whites to grays, black and brown. Especially for colder climates, the red stain on the deck will absorb heat and make it feel warmer and cozier. Generally, you can pick a rich red like Spiced Red stain to evoke a Spanish-Italian touch outdoors and make it a focal point of view.

As opposed to subtle gray and brown, this bold and vibrant red is responsible for a quirky and eye-catchy sense of visual interest. And apart from the vivid above-mentioned stain, you can also choose from Terracotta and Burnt Clay for an earthy, muted, or subdued feel.


One of the easiest to complement and deal with – the natural wood stain colours like Cedar have utmost charm and delight. They’re lighter in tone and can easily work well with country and rustic interior design styles. It’s generally ideal for homeowners who crave a minimal, cozy, soothing, crisp, and clean look on their deck. Regardless of the colour on the exterior walls, the natural tones can work for one and all kinds of styles and panoramas.

You can add neutral and bright furniture accessories outdoors to make it extra stark, charming, and stunning. Generally, you can also choose from natural oak logs and siding and natural SRD that can exhibit a transparent and timeless appeal equally.

Summing It Up

Choosing an appropriate stain for your deck is a must! After all, it will complement your exteriors and make your home feel more cohesive and coordinated. It also boils down to the kind of vibe you’re trying to create – whether casual, formal, sophisticated, or quirky – the choice is yours! So, did any deck colour stain intrigue you the most? Is it the warmer, vivid ones or the calm and cooler ones?

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