5 Benefits of Adding Outdoor Lighting to Your Deck

My Home Handyman deck with pergola at night

Written by My Home Handyman

January 23, 2022

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Now that your deck is ready, it’s time to get creative to make it even more inviting, and deck lighting is a great way to achieve that goal! With appropriate lighting, your deck will look not warm and romantic after the sun sets but can extend the time you spend outdoors. You can easily host guests and organize a late dinner without worrying about safety and functionality.

There are various benefits of adding lighting to your deck. From added aesthetics to comfort, entertaining guests and a sense of safety and security, installing adequate lighting is just as essential as the deck itself. Here are five benefits of adding lighting to your deck that you must watch out for:

Added aesthetics

Adding outdoor lighting to your deck will instantly enhance the overall aesthetics and ambiance of the space. Depending upon the saturation of light (whether cool or warm) – you can easily create an excellent mood for your guests in which to relax. If you have correctly installed wall sconces, fairy LED lights, and outdoor bollards – you’re bound to make it even more welcoming and inviting for your family and guests.

Let’s not forget, adding lighting to your deck will also boost your home’s curb appeal. Outdoor lighting helps showcase or highlight a particular architectural or landscape feature. With the help of spotlights or decorative lighting, you can easily pull the eye to those areas. That could either be a well-shaved hedge, focal landscape tree, or an architectural feature on your house facade. Adding low-voltage landscape lighting will illuminate the outdoors while cutting down on extra energy bills.

Safety and security

With the help of outdoor lighting, you can hang out with your friends and guests for a much longer time after the sunsets. Blissful enough, right? When entering your home in the late evening hours, this lighting will help against any injury or tripping since it can be challenging to see. By adding lighting to your deck, you’re making it safer and secure for yourself and the nearby neighbours out for an evening stroll.

Adding lighting will infuse extra safety to your home overall. In general, it can help prevent crime as robbers are less likely to approach a house that has a well lit deck and entryway. And this is even a better practice if you are in the countryside or suburbs where security can’t be compromised.

Entertaining guests at night

Pergola with curtains to block sun

Once you have installed the outdoor lighting, you can host your guests for a much longer time after the sunsets. Generally, these outdoor spaces like decks and patios are great spaces to entertain your guests, especially in the summer months. Are you looking to host a large family dinner outdoors? Well, you need not worry.

Outdoor deck lighting will make it more inviting and welcoming for your guests and make them feel cozy and comfortable. You can also incorporate different coloured lights to add dimension and depth to your outdoor space. This will also create a fun-loving environment for your family and guests.

Added comfort

This deck will prove functional and practical any time of day or year. Regardless of the season or the day, you can use your deck with complete freedom for your family and guests to enjoy. Adding lighting to your deck is even better for fall months when the days get shorter with very minimal natural lighting. Also, if you want to read a book or work late at night on your deck – the lighting will help create a safe and comfortable environment.

Economic benefits

A deck with outdoor lighting stands out to a homeowner looking to purchase a property. Adding lighting to your patio will drastically increase the value of your home. And once you have installed the lighting, it’s likely for your home to sell faster. Remember, you don’t have to choose a high-tech lighting system for the outdoors, just a couple of wall sconces, LED fairy lights, and lamps are good to go. You can even pick built-in floor lights for an eye-catching effect.

Do you think it’s the perfect time to bring light to your deck? So, now that you’re acquainted with these five benefits mentioned above of adding lighting to your deck, it gives a reason why you should install it. If you’re confused or wondering how to go about it, get in touch with one of our team members to help you make informed decisions for lighting your deck.

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