12 Ideas for Using Gold Accents in Your Home Decor

Bright bedroom interior with dotted sheets and headrest, double bed, gold accents and art gallery above

Written by My Home Handyman

June 3, 2022

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Metallic decor has been ruling the interior design industry for decades now. The luxe, opulent, and elegant characteristics of this chic material have resulted in a ‘wow’ factor for all the modern, contemporary, and glam-style backdrops. Regardless of the walls, furniture, or accessories, the metallic tints have always been quite eye-catching for the home.

One notable example is the gold finish which symbolizes a sense of richness, luxury, elegance, sparkle, and eccentricity. Pairing gold with other accessories in the living room can be challenging, so here’s a list of the top 12 ways to seamlessly augment your living room style with touches of gold.

1. Focus on the Furniture

The furniture frames are the number one way to incorporate gold finish in your living room. The legs of your couch, accent chairs, coffee table, and side table could be the chic gold finish that exhibits a sense of luxury and richness. This is one of the minimalist ways to enjoy gold in your living room that’s also not too loud to overwhelm the space!

Dinning room with dark blue accent wall and decorative accents in neutral colours

2. Style the Artwork

Didn’t like any furniture piece with golden legs? Well, don’t worry! You have the opportunity to choose a golden finish for the artwork or mirror frames that can seamlessly complement the living room space. So, if you want the tints of gold to protrude and shine out brighter, having them sit at eye level is ideal. There’s no better way than styling artwork and mirrors.

3. Sparkle with Lighting Fixtures

Whether you have a large chandelier or a couple of pendant lights, the gold finish on these lighting fixtures can bring out the most luxury and elegance into the space. It can also add a sense of depth and drama – while grabbing the most attention from your guests and family. However, ensure not to add too many golden tints since that can make your living room look gaudy.

4. Consider the Wallpaper

There are tons and tons of wallpaper samples in the market. If you filter out the ones suitable for glam-style living rooms, it’s likely to detect a couple of golden accent wallpapers. They could either be geometric, patterned, or abstract with an amalgamation of a solid hue to create a bold and striking contrast. You might not need other golden accessories if the wallpaper is flooded with gold accents – a win-win situation!

5. Embrace the Planters

Who doesn’t admire the look and feel of indoor plants, right? Well, they’re not only calm and serene but also tend to refresh the indoor air and add an eye-catchy character to the empty corner. With these plants, you need a planter that flaunts your style and adds a sense of detail and dimension to the room. You can choose the planter legs with a golden finish that wouldn’t play too loud and make your space feel characteristic.

Dinning room with grey wall

6. Add Gold to Centerpieces

Your coffee table deserves centrepieces that define your style and preference. Whether it’s a little planter, a sunburst, a tray, or a couple of coffee table books – don’t feel shy about styling the golden accents on the coffee table. This will grab the attention of your guests while contributing to the charisma of the room.

7. Let the Area Rug Shine

The area rug is one of the most subtle ways to compliment your living room space with gold. It doesn’t have to be too much gold; instead, some specks of gold on a neutral-hued area rug are all you need. Generally, it would work best for area rugs in gray, greige, beige, soft white, and taupe in colours. This way, you’re keeping it minimal and subtle at only the floor level.

Beautiful living room in new luxury home with L shaped sectional sofa, area rug, and elegant decor

8. Swap Throw Pillows

Swapping out the old throw pillows and replacing them with golden-hued ones is something to have an eye on. You can best pair the golden throw pillows with emerald green, black, off-white, terracotta, magenta pink, and mauve couches and accent chairs. And note that this gold could either be a shimmer, sequin, or plain printed pillow to flaunt it!

9. Focus on the Curtain Rod

Curtain rods are one of the most ignored design elements in a living room. Even though they get overpowered by the curtains’ beauty and depth, these rods still hold quite some substantial importance. So, you have the opportunity to choose a golden finish for these rods that can equally contribute to the room and make it feel more luxe and majestic.

10. Hang the Floating Shelves

The floating shelves are both aesthetic and practical. You can use either style some pieces of artwork or use them as decor pieces for styling the walls. You can store your daily necessities and let these floating shelves create a dynamic look in your living room. Note that it doesn’t have to be rustic woods all the time! Some floating shelves are also available in gold!

11. Hardware

Gold is in the details! And hardware is one such decor element that tends to add immense meaning and thought to your room. The finish of this hardware must create a cohesive appeal and streamline the frame of your furniture, artwork, and accessories. In the living room, this hardware could be the knobs of your built-in cabinets or pull handles.

12. Mouldings

Lastly, not so much of an inexpensive option but something that would definitely transform the vibe of your living room, mouldings in gold are of utmost majestic and rich. They’re great for glam, eclectic, and classical style designs where mouldings on the walls are much preached and embraced. You can either choose simple mouldings or go extra heavy with detailed and striking patterns and curves.

Summing It Up

There are tons and tons of ways to compliment your living room with gold accessories. All you have to ensure is not to go too heavy or gaudy with the designs and colour schemes. So, are you intrigued by any particular design idea?

Ready to refresh your home?

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