10 Kitchen Ideas to Admire

White and gold designer kitchen

Written by My Home Handyman

May 10, 2022

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A kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. Gone are the days when this space was used for a mere function – instead, nowadays – kitchens are potent symbols to flair your style and design. Reflecting your true personality and lifestyle with the help of circulation, layout, colour scheme, playful materials, and textures – the kitchens have become an eye-catchy statement in any home.

Whether going through a major renovation or simply decorating – these 10 kitchen design ideas will help you transform your kitchen into a haven. It includes tips and tricks for choosing a flaunting lighting fixture, complementing marble countertops, striking backsplash, accent hardware, and lots and lots of airiness and warmth. And the result is a dreamy, functional, aesthetic, and practical kitchen space!

Choose a Colour Scheme

First and foremost, choosing a striking or subtle colour scheme is primary. Depending upon your interior design style, choose a palette composed of whites and off-whites or a sense of contrast with the help of blues, greens, browns, black, or grey.

And believe me, it’s not always necessary to infuse colour on the cabinets for a stunning appeal. Sometimes, you could also add these contrasting tones on the backsplash, display dishes, or a backdrop wall.

Create a Pattern with Backsplash

The backsplash is the jewel of your kitchen. This is one design element that receives a ton of attention and focuses! It has to be flaunting and flabbergasting. You have several ways to style the backsplash creatively. Whether it’s about choosing a hexagon tile or a contrasting colour that stands out – remember to be as playful as you want!

Secondly, for a touch of luxe and sophistication, ensure that the backsplash reaches up to the ceiling.

Spruce up with Hardware

Choosing hardware isn’t challenging, and it all boils down to the vibe you’re aiming to create. For instance, if you crave a statement of luxury and opulence – it’s ideal to choose either satin brass or brushed brass for the pull handles and knobs.

On the other hand, if you like it subtle and muted – you could choose hardware that matches the cabinet’s colour or could be a simple matte black or chrome (polished or satin).

Style a Kitchen Runner

If you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your kitchen, it’s essential to lay out a rug runner. It adds colour and texture to your space, but it also gives a sense of character and depth. So, whenever you clean the dishes or cook – you can be barefoot and still feel warm, lively, and homely.

You could choose from a wide array of materials for this runner. Jute, sisal, cotton, shag, or wool – the list is endless!

Utilize the Space

When it’s the kitchen you’re renovating or decorating, you have to be extra careful and utilize each corner inch. Especially if you’re facing square footage issues – it’s ideal for the cabinets to reach the ceiling and make the most use of vertical height.

You can also add floating or concealed shelves, a breakfast bar, and rolling carts to store extra belongings and kitchen necessities. Lastly, style the pots and pans above the induction or sink in the fanciest way.

Pick Pendant Lights

The pendant lights over the island table must make a remarkable and flabbergasting statement. It could either be a metallic sputnik chandelier or rattan pendants – it all boils down to the vibe and interior design style.

So, for a coastal-style kitchen – you can consider rattan, cane, or wicker pendants in a neutral hue. On the other hand, for mid-century modern, modern, transitional, or contemporary-style design, choose metals in bulbs and spheres.

Add Character with Wallpaper

You can never go wrong with wallpaper to define your kitchen’s sense of character and style. You must consider the peel-and-stick tile examples to spruce up the kitchen and give it a perfect understanding of focus and drama.

Whether you prefer a floral or geometric pattern – the wallpaper can be used and refreshed every coming year. To give your kitchen a brand-new look every season or year!

Focus on the Flooring

 It is essential to pick out suitable cabinets, hardware, and backsplash, but just as important is picking the right flooring type for your kitchen. Whether it be tile, hardwood, or luxury vinyl, there are thousands of options.

Herringbone, chevron, and subway-style are among the most popular tile patterns used in the interior design industry. The patterns also add a sense of depth and drama to your kitchen.

Bring In Furniture

It would also help if you always had furniture in your kitchen. Whether it’s the high chairs for the breakfast bar and island table or a simple lounge chair in a corner – furniture tends to bring a sense of liveliness and a homely vibe indoors.

And remember, this furniture doesn’t have to be old-school and boring! Instead, it should reflect a quirky pattern on the upholstery and a solid hue on the frame to contribute to the colour palette. For the coastal-style kitchens, you can bring natural and woven chairs, whereas something sleek, metallic, and crisp in the modern.

Complementing Countertops

Lastly, countertops are what play a subtle base in your kitchen. Marble or granite – these natural stones are strong, durable, and can offer excellent longevity. They come in a wide array of neutral hues and designs with heavy veins, lighter, and almost no veins.

Your countertops can equally contribute to your colour palette. You must always experiment and analyze the backsplash against the countertop to know what the overall panorama will feel like.

Summing It Up

Whether or not you have a passion for cooking – your kitchen must be a space that invites guests and family and makes them feel safe and secure. Keep in mind that this space should equally add a flair of style, beauty, and flawlessness. So, are you ready to spruce up your kitchen with these ten kitchen design ideas?

Ready to refresh your home?

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