10 Interior Paint Colours for a Master Bedroom

Soft black bedroom walls

Written by My Home Handyman

March 2, 2022

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The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. As you return from a long, hard-working day – this is the space you look forward to relaxing, energizing, and even detoxing in. The biggest cause of the vibe in your room is the paint colour on the walls. Your bedroom should genuinely define your personality, design style, and the ambiance you’re trying to create.

So, whether you’re craving a calm, composed, and tranquillized feel – or something vivid, energetic, and bold – there is a wide array of interior paint colour ideas for your master bedroom. Let’s have a look at what amuses you the most!


bedroom with off white walls

Classic, elegant, and clean – the off-white paint is one of the most sophisticated and straightforward options for your master bedroom. It’s versatile and timeless – that’s why it can fit one for all styles. You have the opportunity to spark any intriguing hue as an accent contrasting with this subtle and soothing paint colour to complete the palette.

There are several off-whites to consider! Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter are something to look forward to!

Sage Green

Another colour that adds a soothing, tranquillizing, and calm vibe –sage green paint on the walls will ultimately transform the appearance and ambiance. This particular shade of green relates to an organic and natural sense of presence – and that’s why paired with rustic wood finishes and natural textures like oak, maple, and rattan.

Generally, it’s best to consider Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze and Benjamin Moore Imperial Gray for a refreshing touch in the master bedroom.

Navy Blue

Do you admire a chic Eclectic, transitional, and maximalist look in your master bedroom? If yes, navy blue paint colour is a great option for you. Generally, it’s ideal to paint the accent wall in this colour and pair it with off-whites and clean whites on the adjacent walls. For a statement of luxury, you must infuse golden accents with the help of pendant lights and curtain rods.

If navy blue defines you, it’s time to get your hands on Sherwin Williams Naval and Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.

Sky Blue

Unlike the navy blue paint, sky blue has a perfect tinge of a beachy and cool touch to give your master bedroom a perfect makeover. Yes, and a notable statement that neither overpowers your room nor overwhelms the eye. This paint, in general, can best complement the pinewood finishes and creamy off-whites.

The most admirable sky blue paints are Sherwin Williams Honest Blue and Benjamin Moore Sheer Bliss.


One of the most upcoming colour trends, lilac, is a beautiful shade of lavender that has seemed to gain a ton of attention. It’s soft, feminine, and quite fragile – that’s why it makes a great choice in the bedrooms (especially kids and nursery). You can always play with textures, finishes, contrasts, and monochromes.

Sherwin Williams Inspired Lilac and Benjamin Moore French Lilac make a great statement in your master bedroom. (And can definitely be considered)

Soft Black

Even though the black colour is bold, dusky, and dark – it can equally add a sophisticated and elegant statement to your master bedroom. And if your space is overly-sized or humongous and uncomfortable – this colour can bring the walls together to create an illusion of a smaller space. Not to forget, this colour can also create a moody atmosphere!

Sherwin Williams Magic Black and Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain are notable colours to take inspiration from!

Blush Pink

For a perfect whimsical, feminine, and soft vibe – blush pink tends to play a major role. You pair it with other more soothing hues like baby blue, lemon yellow, and mint green to add a fun-loving and creative touch to your bedroom.

Sherwin Williams Malted Milk and Benjamin Moore Frosted Petal would make a great statement in your homes.


Unlike pastels and bolder hues, this particular shade injects a sense of nature and an authentic organic vibe. It’s warm, cozy, bright, and can definitely make a bold and raw statement in your home. It’s not a mainstream brown – but with a tinge of redness, this colour is in high demand. This earthy paint is good to go for interior design styles like Japandi, contemporary, and Spanish revival.

You must have an eye on Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay or Benjamin Moore Potters Clay for a perfect earthy look.


It’s time to warm up your bedroom with a shade of beige on board. This classic, versatile, and timeless paint colour will never make you feel bored, especially if you have a traditional, transitional, or modern style. This warm neutral can also be best paired with shades of coastal blue to create a cohesive palette.

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige and Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan are great beige colour options to consider.

Light Gray

bedroom with light grey walls

Drift into a peaceful sleep in your bedroom with a fresh coat of gray paint on the walls. Generally, soft grays (whether warm or cool) tend to add a relaxing, rejuvenating, and refreshing vibe – which after that can soothe and calm you. This colour can also inject light and an airy vibe –  making your main bedroom appear more prominent.

If you like the feel of light gray in your bedroom, it’s time to consider Sherwin Williams Repose Gray or Benjamin Moore Gray Owl.

Summing It Up

Choosing the best interior paint colours for the master bedroom is quite a fun and creative task. It all boils down to the factors like the kind of vibe you’re aiming to create, the size of the room, and your interior design style. So, did you find the best colour options for your space? Or did any particular colour for the master bedroom intrigue you? If you’re looking for a professional painter in the Calgary area, reach out today, and we will answer any paint colour questions you might have.

Ready to refresh your home?

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