10 Best Colours to Paint Your Front Door

Stylish black front door of modern house with red walls

Written by My Home Handyman

January 20, 2022

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Nothing boosts your home’s curb appeal faster than a freshly painted entryway door. It adds an eye-catching appeal, but it also infuses a sense of personality and character to the exterior of your home. You don’t have to be all matchy-matchy with the door and exterior walls; you can even choose a bold and contrasting colour to make it stand out.

It’s a given that your front door shouldn’t be an afterthought. Instead, it’s the first element your guests and friends will see. If affordability is a concern, you can repaint the front door of a worn-out and old home to give it a fresh new look. So, let’s look at eight colours to use when painting your front door.

Mustard yellow

Two residential front doors, one yellow, one black with a drain pipe down the middle. The walls are red brick there are two side windows and lunette arches over the doors

If you want your front door to stand out, pick a warm paint colour like mustard yellow for a unique and distinctive look. It’s a versatile colour and goes with the black-toned, gray, white, and even neutral-toned exterior walls. This earthy tone will also add a welcoming and friendly vibe for your guests.

Look for Sherwin Williams Honeycomb and Benjamin Moore Honeymoon for classic yellows.


Don’t shy away from a bold and daring black paint on the front door. If you have white or lighter-toned walls, this colour will stand out or blend with gray and dark walls. It will also add a statement of timeless luxury to your home’s curb appeal.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black and Benjamin Moore Onyx are two great colours.

Bright red

Entrance porch with red front door
Entrance porch with red front door. House exterior.

Nothing stands out more than a bright red paint on the front door. Generally, this colour is best paired with one or all neutral paint colours on the exterior walls. And believe it or not, this colour adds a fun-loving and playful touch to your home’s exterior. It’s a great way to refresh the outside of your house with a bit of colour makeover.

Sherwin Williams Showstopper or Benjamin Moore Dinner Party will work great.

Pale Coral

Are you looking for a feminine and chic paint colour for your home? This subtle and soothing paint colour will undeniably add a charming and elegant touch to your home. Moreover, this quirky and friendly tone will work with your home’s white or gray siding.

If you’re looking for a perfect coral, choose from Sherwin Williams Mellow Coral or Benjamin Moore Coral Buff to achieve a great look.

Sage Green

If you want to infuse earthy landscape tones and blend with your environment, this tone of green is a perfect choice. And if you have an enormously rich front lawn, this tone of earthy green will add a welcoming and natural vibe to the front of your home. This colour would also complement white or gray exterior walls.

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog and Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage are some sage green paint colours to check out.

Navy blue

This is another bold colour to watch out for. Navy blue is timeless and versatile and looks stunning when used on the front door. Furthermore, it pairs beautifully with gray and white shiplap walls, trims, and mouldings. So, you must pick a stark and rich tone like navy blue whenever in doubt.

You can pick from Sherwin Williams Naval or Benjamin Moore Hale Navy to infuse a perfect blue tone on the front door.

Teal blue

A rich and stark tone of teal blue will undeniably add a lively and homely touch to the exteriors of your home. This paint is playful and fun-loving and is bound to enhance the overall curb appeal. This beautiful colour will catch the eye of anyone walking by.

Oceanside by Sherwin Williams and Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore are worth considering.

Sky blue

Another tone of blue that you can’t ignore is sky blue. It exhibits a sense of serenity, tranquillity, and calm. Especially if you have a Coastal-style exterior design, this shade of blue on the front door is something to consider. It complements crisp white paint on the adjacent exterior walls.

The two sky blue paint colours you can consider are Sleepy Hollow by Sherwin Williams and Morning Sky Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Purple or mauve

The beautiful tones of purple or mauve can genuinely create an outstanding, eye-catching exterior view for your home. Feminine yet bold, purple can feel welcoming and inviting for your guests. You can generally pair this rich with either white, gray, or black on the exterior walls.

Rose Embroidery by Sherwin Williams and Mauve Mist by Benjamin Moore are beautiful shades worth looking at.

Earthy clay

Perfect neighbourhood. Door steps and concrete pathway leading to residential house main entrance with flower pot under the porch

So, have you dreamt of a perfect red door but something more subdued? You might consider burnt orange or earthy clay for a fresh and organic vibe. This colour can create a warm and welcoming tone and, at the same time, make your guests feel safe and secure. You can pair it with light gray, white, or any neutral-toned wall.

Cavern Clay by Sherwin Williams and Spiced Apple Cider by Benjamin Moore have a beautiful touch of warm terracotta.

It’s time to pay extra attention to the front door of your home. Depending on your interior design style and colour palette, you can make it stand out, create an accent, or blend in with the surrounding architecture and landscape. So, will you choose any of the ones mentioned above for your home?

If you are thinking of painting your exterior door and live in the Calgary area, feel free to reach out to our team for a free estimate.

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